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Matching Environment

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Species, Reuse, Climate , Action, Greenhouse Effect, Attitude invite students , Climate Change, Global Warming dynamic quiz , Carbon Dioxide, Recycle, Pollution, Rainforest, Awareness, Forest, Reduce, Ozone Layer,

To cut down from using certain materials, A product of fossil-fuel combustion and other products, Actually taking an active part in a process, To use an item more than once, The introduction of contaminants into the air, land or water, The kind of weather a place has most often, year after year, Gaining knowledge about various ways how to help, An area with heavy annual rainfall, The protective layer in the atmosphere, A change in the distribution of weather over periods of time, Having beliefs, values and feelings to act in a certain way, Warming, due to solar radiation being trapped by the atmosphere, To process used material into new products, An increase in the temperature of the Earth%27s atmosphere tool for teachers , The trees and other plants in a large, densely wooded area, A group of organisms having similar appearance,