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Yr 4 Girl with a Ponytail

Author: Back Lynn
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0. What images were in the painting Geurnica?
1. Name the famous war painting by Picasso?
2. What is drybrushing?
3. What is a stencil?
4. What is tone?
5. How many painting did Picasso paint in his lifetime?
6. What is 3 dimensional?
7. What is shade?
8. What country did Picasso come from?
9. Name two characteristics of Cubism?
10. Where does the neck begin?
11. Where do the ears fit on the face?
12. What is tint?
13. What is paper pulp?
14. How many eye lengths can you fit across the face?
15. Who was the girl with the ponytail?

0. Spain
1. five
2. rearranging, shattering
3. At the mouth line.
4. Geurnica
5. = Colour %2b black
6. Painting a surface with a brush that is nearly dry
7. = Colour %2b white
8. Between the eye and nose lines
9. over 30,000
10. A war scene of people and animals in agony.
11. finely ground paper that has water and glue added
12. = colour %2b grey
13. Sylvette David
14. painting through a cut out.
15. An object that can be seen on all sides.