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4 pasado perfecto

Author: tercero ive
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1. When I arrived at the cinema, the film (start) #
A) ,had started,

2. She (live) # in China before she went to Thailand.
A) ,had lived,

3. After they (eat) # the shellfish, they began to feel sick.
A) ,had eaten,

4. If you (listen) # to me, you would have got the job.
A) ,had listened,

5. Julie didn’t arrive until after I (leave) # .
A) ,had left,

6. When we (finish) # dinner, we went out.
A) ,had finished,

7. The garden was dead because it (be) # dry all summer.
A) ,had been,

8. He (meet) # her somewhere before.
A) ,had met,

9. We were late for the plane because we (forget) # our passports.
A) ,had forgatten,

10. She told me she (study) # a lot before the exam.
A) ,had studied,

11. he grass was yellow because it (not/rain) # all summer
A) ,hadn%27t rained,

12. The lights went off because we (not/pay) # the electricity bill.
A) ,hadn%27t paid,

13. The children (not/do) # their homework, so they were in trouble.
A) ,hadn%27t done,

14. They (not/eat) # so we went to a restaurant.
A) ,hadn%27t eaten,

15. We couldn’t go into the concert because we (not/bring) # our tickets.
A) ,hadn%27t brought,

16. She said that she (not/visit) # the UK before.
A) ,hadn%27t visited,

17. Julie and Anne (not/meet) # before the party.
A) ,hadn%27t met,

18. I (not/have) # breakfast when he arrived.
A) , hadn%27t had,

19. He (not/use) # email before, so I showed him how to use it.
A) ,hadn%27t used,

20. You (not/study) # for the test, so you were very nervous.
A) ,hadn%27t studied,