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Know Your XHTML

Author: Hamilton Debra
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0. ordered list
1. title element
2. body element
4. head section
5. absolute hyperlink
6. paragraph element
7. relative hyperlink
8. unordered list
9. anchor element
11. heading element
12. email hyperlink
13. division element
14. description list
15. line break element

0. numbered list
1. indicates the absolute location of a Web resource
2. useful for organizing terms and definitions
3. launches the default mail program
4. information describing a web page
5. used to group sentences and sections together
6. eXtensible HyperText Markup Language
7. configures the contents of the web page
8. links to a web page within your website
9. specifies a hyperlink
10. configures the text to appear in the browser%27s title bar
11. organized into six levels, h1 through h6
12. HyperText Markup Language
13. configures a structural block area on a web page
14. bulleted list
15. causes the browser to advance to the next line