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Author: math sweetberry
Description: Be sure that before you take this exam, you%27ve alredy read the module prepared by the SWEET BERRY TUTORIAL SERVICES. This exam is computer generated. Thus, any results and the time when you take the exam will be monitored by the SWEET BERRY TUTORIAL CENTER. Finally, answer this ACTIVITY 3 times. If you don%27t comply the agreement, your membership for this SUBJECT will be erased from the ACCOUNT. The worst, the next time you take the exam, you need to pay Php 50.00 for the reinstallation. If you AGREE the mentioned TERMS and CONDITIONS, click CONTINUE.
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1. 2/5 %2b 2/3 =

2. 3/4 %2b 5/8 =

3. Simplify means ____________________
A) multiplying the denominators with the numerators
B) dividing the numerator by the denominator
C) getting their LCD then divide it to the denominators

4. Which fractions can be simplified or reduced?
A) 4/4
B) 3/4
C) 12/4
D) 1/4

5. How will you reduce a fraction to its lowest term?
A) Get the GCF of the numerator and denominator
B) Get their LCM
C) Divide both numerator and denominator by their GCF
D) Multiply both with their LCM

6. If the numerator and denominator are the same,
A) it is equal to 0
B) it is equal to 1
C) can%27t be simplified or reduced

7. Which is in simplest form?
A) 11/9
B) 1/9
C) 9/9

8. When the sum of fraction is improper, convert it to

9. 1/5 %2b 3/10 =

10. 1/4 %2b 5/6 %2b 3/4 =
A) 1 5/6
B) 1 5/12
C) 1 1/6

11. 2/4 %2b 1/2 %2b 1/4 What will add first? then? ( _______ %2b ________) %2b _______. Rewrite the equation by using parenthesis for the first two fraction.
A) (2/4 %2b 1/4) %2b 1/2
B) (2/4 %2b 1/2) %2b 1/4
C) None of the above

12. In addingmore than two addends of whole numbers and fractions.
A) First, add all the whole numbers then, all the given fractions
B) First, add all the given fractions then, all the whole numbers.
C) None of the above

13. In adding a whole number and a fraction.
A) Write the whole number and copy the fraction to the left of the whole number.
B) Write the whole number and copy the fraction to the right of the whole number.
C) Write the fraction and copy the whole number to the right of the fraction.

14. 5 %2b 3 1 /4 =

15. To find the sum of a fraction and a mixed number. First we change the mixed number to _______________________. Then we find their _________.and _______.
A) proper fraction; GCF; add
B) improper fraction; LCD; add
C) None of the above

16. 1 5/8 %2b 1 5/8 =

17. 2 1/3 %2b 4 %2b 3/5=

18. 3/4 %2b 2 1/5 =

19. 3 1/2 %2b 2 1/4 =

20. On Friday night, John Renz ate pizza for dinner and had 1/2 of the pizza left over. On Saturday, he ate 1/3 of what was left. How much pizza did John Renz eat on Sunday?
A) 1/3
B) 1/4
C) 1/5
D) 1/6

21. Elizabeth%27s lemon cookie recipe calls for 1/4 of a cup of sugar. How much sugar would Elizabeth use to make 1/4 of a batch of cookies?
A) 1/15
B) 1/16
C) 1/17
D) 1/18

22. The elephants at the Toril Zoo are fed 1/2 a barrel of corn each day. The buffalo are fed 7/10 as much corn as the elephants. How many barrels of corn are the buffalo fed each day?
A) 6/20
B) 5/20
C) 7/20
D) 8/20

23. At John Mark%27s arcade, 2 and 2/3 of the games are racing games. Among the racing games, 1/2 are motorcycle-racing games. What fraction of the games at John Mark%27s Arcade are motorcycle-racing games?
A) 1 and 1/3
B) 1 and 1/4
C) 1 and 1/5
D) 1 and 1/6

24. Aldrei made strawberry jam and raspberry jam. He made enough strawberry jam to fill 5 and 1/4 of a jar. If he made 8 and 4/5 as much raspberry jam as strawberry jam, how many jars will the raspberry jam fill?
A) 46 and 1/6
B) 46 and 1/5
C) 46 and 1/4
D) 46 and 1/3