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0. Opening the gate
1. that Ms. Fraser will not be teaching next year
2. who hits the winning run
3. whose leg was broken last year
4. After listening to the students
5. After the game
6. on the last stormy night
7. toward the mall
8. in front of the movie theater
9. Whenever I don%27t have any homework
10. Katie won%27t read it
11. This job would be fun
12. There could be a problem
13. In the art supplies cupboard
14. Dorothy and the Scarecrow danced
15. if Toto could talk
16. witches in dark suits wear ruby slippers
17. since one size fits all girls from Kansas
18. but Dorothy and Toto got home safely
19. blowing smoke and making noise in the great hall
20. mounting resistance by the Grange
21. a gold bullion highway to prosperity and dreams
22. although the city was emerald
23. Oz is short for ounce and referred to the gold standard
24. the tin man as industrial workers
25. an ineffective president portrayed as a wizard
26. L. Frank Baum wrote the story for his daughter
27. since one size fits all girls from Kansas