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Who wants to be a Millionaire? - Japan Version

Author: Dorman Daniel
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1. The smallest prefecture by population (人口) in Japan is
A) Tottori
B) Kouchi
C) Kagawa
D) Shimane

2. The largest city in Japan by area (面積) is Takayama-shi in Gifu. How big is it?
A) 2,200 km2
B) 1,500 km2
C) 800 km2
D) 3,000 km2

3. What is the best selling comic of all time?
A) One Piece
B) Doraemon
C) Conan
D) Dragon Head

4. What is the busiest train station in Japan?
A) Shinjuku
B) Tokyo
C) Osaka
D) Itayado

5. What prefecture has the most tunnels?
A) Oita
B) Hokkaido
C) Kouchi
D) Gunma

6. How many trains arrive or depart Tokyo station every day?
A) 4,000
B) 3,000
C) 2,000
D) 1,000

7. The Enrei-no-Onodachi festival in Okaya, Nagano is Japan%27s ( ) festival
A) shortest
B) oldest
C) biggest
D) loudest

8. What is the most common train station name in Japan?
A) 市役所駅前
B) 中央駅
C) 学校前
D) 平松駅

9. The Houshi Ryokan in Iwate is the ( ) hotel in the world.
A) oldest
B) smallest
C) biggest
D) most expensive