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World History I Vocabulary

Author: Berzonsky Michael
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0. Daoism
1. Qin Dynasty
2. Papyrus
3. Oracle Bones
4. Ghana
5. Caste
6. Acropolis
7. Loess
8. Icon
9. Scribe
10. Middle Ages
11. Nirvana
12. Songhai
13. Pharaoh
14. Hittites
15. Monotheism

0. Rule of the people
1. The supreme political and religious leader in Muslim society
2. When the pyramids were built in Egypt
3. The %22Mother Culture%22 of Mesoamerica
4. How they determined the will of the gods in Shang China
5. A member of Rome%27s upper class
6. The peninsula that is much of modern day Turkey
7. Belief in a single God
8. The 100 year period when the Mongols imposed peace on Eurasia
9. In Hinduism, the creator god
10. The Aztec floating gardens
11. The West African empire that conquered Mali
12. An object made by humans
13. Mahavira%27s religion that stressed harming no creatures
14. Divine approval thought to be the basis of royal authority in China
15. Form of writing used in ancient Mesopotamia