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World History I Vocabulary

Author: Berzonsky Michael
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0. Royal Road
1. Anatolia
2. Ghana
3. Cyrillic
4. Brahma
5. Monsoon
6. Scribe
7. Abbasids
8. Ayllu
9. Democracy
10. Olmec
11. Qin Dynasty
12. Bushido
13. Hagia Sophia
14. Icon
15. Hittites

0. The Aztec floating gardens
1. The Incan knotted strings used to record information
2. The time of European history from 500 to 1500 AD
3. The peninsula that is much of modern day Turkey
4. How they determined the will of the gods in Shang China
5. A member of Rome%27s upper class
6. When the Great Wall of China was constructed
7. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the good and bad things you do
8. The supreme political and religious leader in Muslim society
9. The first five books of the Hebrew Bible
10. The goal of Buddhism
11. An animal that walks upright
12. The %22Mother Culture%22 of Mesoamerica
13. A religious image used primarily by Orthodox Christians
14. When agriculture was developed, leading to civilization
15. It connected Susa with Sardis and was built by the Persians