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World History I Vocabulary

Author: Berzonsky Michael
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0. Hagia Sophia
1. Tithe
2. Monsoon
3. Pharaoh
4. Cuneiform
5. Karma
6. Mandate of Heaven
7. Allah
8. Democracy
9. Middle Ages
10. Torah
11. Griot
12. Chinampas
13. Nazca
14. Angkor Wat
15. Royal Road

0. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the good and bad things you do
1. A wind that shifts direction at certain times of the year (In India)
2. When agriculture was developed, leading to civilization
3. %22The land between the rivers;%22 ancient Iraq
4. A fortified hilltop in Ancient Greece
5. When the Great Wall of China was constructed
6. The first five books of the Hebrew Bible
7. How they determined the will of the gods in Shang China
8. The Arabic word for God
9. Taming of animals for human use
10. The peninsula that is much of modern day Turkey
11. In Hinduism, the creator god
12. The holy books of Hinduism
13. Giving one-tenth of your income to the church
14. A religious image used primarily by Orthodox Christians
15. A holy war, usually between Christians and Muslims