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World History I Vocabulary

Author: Berzonsky Michael
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0. Songhai
1. Pharaoh
2. Fief
3. Old Kingdom
4. Monsoon
5. Loess
6. Hagia Sophia
7. Scribe
8. Tithe
9. Acropolis
10. Daoism
11. Mandate of Heaven
12. Patrician
13. Cuneiform
14. Brahma
15. Caliph

0. An estate granted to a vassal in the feudal system
1. The West African empire that conquered Mali
2. A member of Rome%27s upper class
3. The first five books of the Hebrew Bible
4. An object made by humans
5. A fertile deposit of windblown soil, especially in China
6. The Peruvian civilization that existed from 200 BC to 600 AD
7. A holy war, usually between Christians and Muslims
8. It connected Susa with Sardis and was built by the Persians
9. Decline in the value of money
10. The strict code of behavior that Japanese samurai followed
11. Belief in a single God
12. The small Incan group that worked for the common good
13. Laozi%27s philosophy
14. The Russian alphabet, developed by St. Cyril %26 Methodius
15. The two powers that govern the rhythms of Chinese life