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World History I Vocabulary

Author: Berzonsky Michael
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0. Royal Road
1. Griot
2. Acropolis
3. Pope
4. Domestication
5. Artifact
6. Icon
7. Daoism
8. Barter
9. Loess
10. Vedas
11. Mesopotamia
12. Neolithic Revolution
13. Bushido
14. Songhai
15. Torah

0. The Aztec floating gardens
1. What King John had to sign to give England rights
2. In Hinduism, the creator god
3. An estate granted to a vassal in the feudal system
4. %22The land between the rivers;%22 ancient Iraq
5. A religious image used primarily by Orthodox Christians
6. A west African storyteller
7. The two powers that govern the rhythms of Chinese life
8. It connected Susa with Sardis and was built by the Persians
9. The goal of Buddhism
10. When agriculture was developed, leading to civilization
11. The Russian alphabet, developed by St. Cyril %26 Methodius
12. The world%27s largest religious structure, built by the Khmer
13. Rule of the people
14. The first sub-Saharan people to smelt iron
15. Decline in the value of money