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World History I Vocabulary

Author: Berzonsky Michael
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0. Angkor Wat
1. Inflation
2. Hagia Sophia
3. Quipu
4. Daoism
5. Qin Dynasty
6. Patrician
7. Acropolis
8. Torah
9. Caste
10. Barter
11. Anatolia
12. Icon
13. Pharaoh
14. Brahma
15. Caliph

0. The first powerful West African kingdom
1. A west African storyteller
2. A religious image used primarily by Orthodox Christians
3. A wind that shifts direction at certain times of the year (In India)
4. The goal of Buddhism
5. The first sub-Saharan people to smelt iron
6. A fertile deposit of windblown soil, especially in China
7. The strict code of behavior that Japanese samurai followed
8. How they determined the will of the gods in Shang China
9. The Islamic dynasty that succeeded the Umayyads
10. When agriculture was developed, leading to civilization
11. In Hinduism, the creator god
12. Form of writing used in ancient Mesopotamia
13. Laozi%27s philosophy
14. Someone who supports artists
15. An Egyptian god-king