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Figurative Language

Author: Wells Donna
Description: Categorize these phrases. Take note of how many phrases go into each category. Score 80%25 or higher, show your score to the teacher, and receive a clue.
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1. Metaphors
2. Similes
3. Idioms
4. group_name4

0. walk in the park (pg.6)
1. like a lamb to the slaughter (pg.10)
2. her eyes were green like a leaf (pg.53)
3. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (p.67)
4. It (the school) smelled like a hospital (pg.6)
5. like pigeons flying around my insides (pg.35)
6. your deeds are your monuments (pg.65)
7. August is the Sun (pg.82)
8. let her off the hook (pg.101)
9. Bites the Dust (pg.97)
10. and let it cover me like a blanket (pg.87)
11. we are planets orbiting the Sun (pg.82)