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Preterit and Present Perfect

Author: Thiers Clementine
Description: Conjugue le verbe entre paranth├Ęses au temps qui convient.
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1. She actually ___ (to write) her own stories.

2. She ___ (to grow up) on the college campus.

3. Now, she ___ (to pulish) many books.

4. Venus and Serena Williams ___ (to redefine) the game of tennis with thier talent.

5. They ___ (to have) ranked #1 in the world.

6. Their father ___ (to train) them.

7. They both ___ (to play) with and against each other.

8. The ENIAC Programmers ___ (to program) a huge, archaic computer.

9. The ENIAC Programmers ___ (to be) overlooked until 1997.