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Spoken Word Glossary

Author: Theobald Mr
Description: Match the spoken word term with its definition!
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0. Discourse marker
1. Overlaps/interruptions
2. Adjacency pairs
3. Prosodic features
4. Ellipsis
5. Elision
6. Accent
7. Dialect
8. Phatic talk
9. Idiolect
10. Filler
11. Hedge
12. Paralinguistic features
13. Back-channel
14. Utterance
15. False start

0. Items which don%27t carry meaning but are used to pause or give time to think
1. Words/phrases used to signal connections and signpost what is being said
2. The omission of words from an utterance to give a more casual tone
3. Utterances used by listener to show speaker that they are understood
4. A complete unit of talk, bounded by the speaker%27s silence
5. When turn-taking is not observed by listeners, so the %27flow%27 of talk is discordant
6. Related to %27small talk%27 - utterances with no purpose but to maintain relationships
7. Words which soften the force of something said, e.g. %27perhaps%27
8. How something is said - stress, rhythm, pitch, tempo and intonation
9. Parallel expressions used in turns - question and answer, etc.
10. The omission or slurring of syllables, e.g. %27gonna%27
11. The grammar and vocabulary linked with a region or social class
12. The speaker begins utterance, then stops and repeats/rewords it
13. Related to body language - the use of gestures, facial expression, etc.
14. An indivdually distinctive style of speaking
15. The ways in which words are pronounced, based on region or class