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Clean Coal

Author: Hill Maddy
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1. What is slurry?
A) Water waste
B) Finely ground coal mixed with water
C) You just made that word up.
D) Slang term for IGCC

2. How many IGCC plants does Japan have?
A) 1
B) 8
C) 18
D) 28

3. How much more efficent are IGCC plants, compared to traditional plants?
A) 5%25
B) 10%25
C) 15%25
D) 20%25

4. What is released from burning carbon-based fuels?
A) Carbon Dioxide
B) Oxygen
C) Nitrogen
D) Carbon Monoxide

5. What does IGCC stand for?
A) It doens%27t mean anything
B) Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
C) Integrated Gasification Carbon Cycle
D) International Geological Combined Cycle