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Unit 5 vocab

Author: Whittaker Tracy
Keywords: ww2, Unit 5, , , , , online teaching

0. eliminate
1. Axis Powers
2. appeasement
3. exterminate
4. dictator
5. totalitarianism
6. kamikaze
7. annihilation
8. ration
9. anti-semetic
10. Allied Powers
11. Socialism
12. fascism
13. Aryan race
14. Nazi
15. civilian

0. A controlled amount of goods and services given to civilians
1. A supposed master race of non-Jewish Caucasians
2. Get rid of destroying completely
3. Power to rule is given to one person
4. Japanese pilot trained to make a suicidal crash attack
5. To wipe out someone or something using drastic methods
6. party controls the government and all aspect of the people’s lives
7. gov%27t w/ a dictator,suppress opposition w/ terror
8. To buy off an aggressor by compromising principles
9. Making of goods and services is controlled by the government
10. nations that fought Germany: incl. US,USSR France %26 Britain
11. A member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party
12. Hostility toward or discrimination against Jews
13. destroy completely usually with extreme force
14. nations that fought the Allies:includes Germany %26Japan
15. Not a member of the military or police