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American Imperialism

Author: Cozzy the Swagnificent Adam
Description: Drag the description or characteristic to its proper category. When you are wrong you are docked points.
Keywords: Imperialism, Spanish American War, Justifications of Imperialism, Anti-Imperialists, Foreign Policy, , online teaching

1. Spanish American War
2. Philippine American War
3. Justifications for an Empire
4. Anti-Imperialist Justifications

0. U.S. gained Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico, %26 Cuba
1. Platt Amend.=U.S. control of Cuba%27s foreign policy
2. Alfred Mahan%27s The Influence of Sea Power Upon History
3. International Darwinism
4. U.S. must win to springboard trade to China
5. Nationalism
6. Yellow Journalists embellished attack on U.S.
7. Whitemans Burden: civilize %26 christianize
8. Four year war against former allies of Span.Amer. War
9. General Aguinaldo led revolt against American imperialist
10. To liberate people %26 protect American business interests
11. Explosion of USS Maine
12. Reconcentration of Cuban revolutionries, 100,000 dead
13. Teller Amend. (syke)= failed promise of independence after war,
14. Americans placed enemies in concentration camps
15. Teddy Roosevelt%27s Rough Rider volunteer regiment
16. New Markets for American manufactured goods
17. Led to transportation need for the Panama Canal
18. U.S. believed it could better provide future democracy
19. U.S. = hypocrits b/c it protects civil liberties
20. Cheap labor %26 raw materials
21. higher taxes to protect %26 keep control
22. U.S.promised independence for help against Spanish
23. Cheap labor would lower wages at home
24. Aid from Filipino, Emiliano Aguinaldo to help U.S.
25. feared flood of %22uncivilized%22 ethnic immigrants to U.S.
26. Resources better spent on Progressive laws at home
27. Territories may request statehood %26 representation
28. Lost war for independence to the U.S.
29. U.S. must compete w/ European imperialist nations
30. Divert Attention to issues away from gov%27t
31. Expand or Explode Theory: overpopuation, surplus, etc.