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What is a Mineral?

Author: Gingrich Catie
Keywords: mineral, geology, identifying minerals, , , , online teaching

0. characteristics of minerals
1. Mineral examples
2. One way minerals can be formed
3. The study of the Earth, including rocks and minerals
4. density
5. Second way minerals can be formed (not from melting)
7. crystal shape
8. fluorescence
9. cleavage
10. streak
11. Texture
12. fracture
13. color
14. luster
15. hardness

0. the ability of a mineral to glow under an ultraviolet light
1. ranks minerals from 1-10 using the Mohs Hardness Scale
2. 6 groups, based on the number and angles of the crystal faces
3. naturally occurring, inorganic, solid, crystal structure
4. crystallization of materials dissolved in water
5. crystallization of melted materials
6. when a mineral easily splits along a flat surface
7. how a mineral reflects light from its surface
8. how a mineral feels
10. geology
11. color of a minerals powder
12. when a mineral breaks apart in an irregular way
13. easily observed physical property
14. diamonds, amber, talc, gypsum, halite, chalcopyrite
15. mass divided by volume