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Westward Expansion Game by Maya Mesh 2/19/13

Description: Hi, In this game your goal is to show your knowledge of the Westward Expansion in the US.
Keywords: Westward Expansion, US History, Gold Rush, Transcontinental Railroad, Lewis and Clarke, , online teaching

0. Which was the southern most tribe in the Indian removal act?
1. What year was the Trail of Tears?
2. Which tribe was in the Trail of Tears?
3. What year was Gold Rush?
4. Biggest Ethnic group who built the transcontinental railroad
5. Which Native American helped Lewis %26 Clarke?
6. When did the Gold Rush end?
7. jj
8. What conditions faced the settlers traveling the Oregon Trail?
9. What year did Lewis and Clarke set out on their expedition?
10. The second biggest ethnic group building the transcontinental railroad
11. What year was the Oregon Trail started?
12. ii
13. kk
14. hh
15. gg

0. 1804
1. Sacajawea
2. hhh
3. hard, rough, dangerous
4. jjj
5. Chinese
6. Irish
7. Cherokee tribe
8. ggg
9. 1824
10. 1849
11. Seminole tribe
12. kkk
13. 1852
14. 1831
15. iii