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Week 9 Period 2, Review Test 14, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. Eventually our problems with money _____ our marriage. We got divorced.
A) sparked
B) destroyed
C) protected
D) transformed

2. The school is concerned about the _____ behavior of a few students. These students join a gang of violence and bring damage to school%27s properties.
A) sticky
B) stiff
C) destructive
D) violet

3. He wants to study abroad after he graduates from high school. In fact, what he tries to do is to avoid _____ service by the age of 19.
A) oval
B) plum
C) military
D) rough

4. A suspect was pleaded unguilty. The police never found the murder _____.
A) cape
B) apron
C) boot
D) weapon

5. She keeps her jewelry _____ in a safe box.
A) smooth
B) stiff
C) reflected
D) protected

6. He put a _____ cover over a new car, keeping it from the harm of rain, sun, and dirt.
A) protective
B) hardened
C) shadow
D) violet

7. How long does it take for a butterpillar to _____ into a butterfly?
A) transform
B) reflect
C) curl
D) fold

8. If you wash this jacket too much, the colors will _____.
A) fold
B) fade
C) relfect
D) glow

9. Eric _____ up his shirts and put them in the closet.
A) faded
B) folded
C) looped
D) echoed

10. It’s really a shame that people continue to hunt elephants for _____.
A) weapon
B) costume
C) ivory
D) protect

11. The caterpilar curled into a _____ when I touched it with a stick.
A) cape
B) butterfly
C) loop
D) hush

12. Our polite chat about politics slowly turned into a heated _____.
A) reflection
B) contrast
C) shadow
D) debate

13. Ivy looked through her photo albums and _____ on the great times she had had in college.
A) sprayed
B) folded
C) glowed
D) reflected

14. My father kept a diary. It is part of his bedtime routine spending time in quiet _____.
A) reflection
B) shadow
C) impression
D) contrast

15. This book is the _____ of ten-year hard work, so have respect for it under copywright.
A) product
B) background
C) column
D) spark

16. Adam had _____ skin on his elbows until he started using skin cream.
A) smooth
B) rough
C) shiny
D) glowing

17. The children made funny _____ on the wall with their hands.
A) echoes
B) shadows
C) protection
D) loop

18. Be careful not to _____ on the ice.
A) break
B) reflect
C) slip
D) spary

19. Ingrid sat too close to the fire and a _____ flew onto her jeans.
A) cape
B) weapon
C) spark
D) shadow

20. Wesley took his bicycle apart and _____ the frame yellow. %22Look! Wesley has a new yellow bicycle.%22
A) faded
B) protected
C) folded
D) sprayed

21. Dad packed two suits as well as some _____ clothes for his business trip.
A) casual
B) formal
C) rough
D) tough

22. Are you really a police officer or is that just a Halloween _____?
A) costume
B) coarse
C) cape
D) collar

23. Aunt Clara didn’t want to ride her scooter in the rain because the roads were too ____.
A) sticky
B) slippery
C) shiny
D) smooth