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Week 9 Period 2, Article 13

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. Scan the passage above and pick out the words with which you are not familiar.

2. How I Benefited from Reading 閱讀讓我受益匪淺 August 15~21, 2010 建國中學周韋辰   I am a voracious reader; all kinds of books fit my taste. My favorite kind of books, however, is fiction. Novels often take readers to places that can only be found deep in the author’s imagination. I can retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban life, and immerse myself in the breathtaking plots that novels provide. Novels help me relax because I can expel all annoying thoughts from my mind and fill it with the author’s imagination. My favorite novel is “Harry Potter.” I sometimes place myself into the book, imagining myself as Harry Potter, the greatest wizard ever lived, and saving the world from evil magic. In addition, reading allows for very interesting conversation topics, and I can easily strike up a conversation with a stranger about a book we both enjoy. Reading novels will always relax me and allow me to escape from reality for a little while. No matter how busy I am, I always make time for myself to sit back and enjoy a good story.

3. Read the passage above and write down at least two points of ideas about good things of comic book reading.

4. Translation: 科技讓我們的生活更舒適,然而它也被利用來犯罪。根據最近的新聞報導,最常見的例子是網路詐騙。

5. Translation the above into grammatical English.

6. Grammar Correction 3 First,the music can make our life more interesting. Second,music is always to reflect our thought. Third,music is can become a kind of therapy that to treat the mental sickness. (is always to reflect, music is can become, that to treat)

7. Check and correct the grammar of the phrases in the parentheses.