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Week 9 Period 1, Review Test 13, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. I stayed _____ all night studying. I hope I don%27t fall asleep during the test!
A) drowsy
B) awake
C) normal
D) doze

2. I%27ve got into the _____ of switching on the TV as soon as I get home. The remote controller is always the first thing I must have back home.
A) background
B) habit
C) nightmare
D) errand

3. Students went out to pick up the _____ and clean up around school.
A) tin
B) floss
C) litter
D) germ

4. Angry villagers accused a factory of _____ the river with its chemical waste.
A) refusing
B) blinking
C) polluting
D) blending

5. Grandmother put some _____ on her hands to keep them moist during the dry weather.
A) nap
B) greeting
C) germ
D) lotion

6. Our _____ business hours are from nine to five. 
A) normal
B) habit
C) greeting
D) waken

7. A police officer took a bribe and made an excuse saying that he just couldn%27t _____ when a large amount of money was offered. 
A) shave
B) coarse
C) bump
D) refuse

8. Do it yourself! I am not your _____, and you are not my owner.
A) slave
B) arch
C) background
D) beam

9. Dad has to have coffee in the morning. It%27s part of his daily _____.
A) backgronud
B) routine
C) column
D) errand

10. Bob obviously never cleans his room; there are _____ dumps everywhere.
A) rubbish
B) circular
C) curled
D) habitual

11. We need to know more about his _____ before we hire him. 
A) junk
B) background
C) column
D) refuse

12. Last night, Jules had a _____ that a monster was chasing him with a big fork.
A) pollution
B) nightmare
C) slavery
D) dream

13. The traffic lights were _____ on and off, and the cars and trucks were moving slow.
A) blinking
B) clicking
C) blending
D) cracking

14. In physics, _____ motion is rotation along a circle.
A) v
B) v
C) v
D) circular

15. Since Trey was color-blind, he couldn%27t see the _____ between red and green.
A) background
B) bump
C) routine
D) contrast

16. Aside from visiting the doctor, Edward still had other _____ to do. He would go to pick up his son at school and his wife off work.
A) habit
B) errands
C) routine
D) rubbish

17. _____ the papaya, sugar, and milk together. What you get is glass of yummy, tummy papaya milk.
A) Bathing
B) Blend in
C) Blend
D) Beaming

18. A farmer%27s arms were strong and his hands were _____ from years of hard work.
A) circular
B) bumpy
C) coarse
D) delicate