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Week 8 Period 1, Review Test 12, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. Alan was _____ of the drink, so he had it tested. Sure enough, there was a drug in it.
A) curious
B) suspicious
C) restless
D) reluctant

2. The artist has a _____, so be careful what you say about his work. He might get angry.
A) conscience
B) depression
C) temper
D) imaginary

3. I cheated on my final exam in second grade, and I%27ve had a guilty _____ ever since.
A) logic
B) conscience
C) imagination
D) psychology

4. The author does not tell us what happens to the characters. We have to use _____.
A) recall
B) reminder
C) imagination
D) suspicion

5. He supports nuclear power, but argues against nuclear power plants. That isn%27t _____.
A) suspicious
B) stimulating
C) miserable
D) logical

6. Actors are given two weeks to _____ their lines. They have to learn their lines so well that they can speak them without thinking.
A) enjoy
B) arouse
C) lighten
D) memorize

7. His eight-year-old cousin is very good at _____ arithmetic. He can do arithmetic in his mind very quickly without using a caculator.
A) mental
B) logical
C) memorizing
D) imaginary

8. Alcohol can cause _____ problems such as depression and confusion.
A) pessimistic
B) imaginative
C) psycological
D) suspicious

9. Jim was first interested in _____ when his father bought him a digital camera as a 18-year-old birthday gift.
A) psychology
B) photography
C) philosophy
D) anthropology

10. I remembered everything that happened on that day, though I couldn%27t _____ the exact date.
A) recall
B) remind
C) stimulate
D) imagine

11. The Japanese general was unable to cope with failure. He committed _____ and died in regret and despair.
A) suicide
B) disgust
C) disappointment
D) anxiety

12. Beverly washed her face to _____ herself between classes.
A) imagine
B) lighten
C) recall
D) refresh

13. The children are quite _____ about their parents%27 divorce, but they%27ll get over it.
A) logical
B) upset
C) suspicious
D) lively

14. We designed this video game to _____ children%27s interest in science.
A) depress
B) delight
C) stimulate
D) annoy

15. No one knows what _____ her to kill her son and herself. There hasn%27t been a reason given for such terrible behavior. 
A) committed
B) motivated
C) refreshed
D) recalled