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Week 8 Period 1, Article 11

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. Scan the essay above and jot down any words with which you are familiar.

2. Translation: 為提供一個無菸的用餐環境,絕大多數餐廳不允許室內抽菸。儘管遭到許多癮君子的反對,這對不抽菸的人的確是一大福音。

3. Translate the Chinese above into grammatical English.

4. Frustrations Sep13~19,2009 淡江大學西班牙文學系 曾思綺Zoe Throughout the different stages of our lives, we encounter various frustrations, which always make us deeply depressed and disappointed. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ These setbacks, however, can be transformed into power and motivation depending on our attitudes toward life. When we are faced with difficult predicaments, we have no choice but to face them head on. Never give up on the dreams you want to fulfill and do not give in to other people%27s mockeries. Only when you truly believe in yourself will you be able to see the miracles in your own life.

5. What are some of the frustrations in daily life? Think of at least two instances in which you or your friends were frustrated.

6. Grammar Correction 1: 1. Listening music is the one of hobbies that you can enjioy for life. But, playing musical instruments can brings more joyful. (Listening music, enjioy, can brings, joyful) 2. First, record your daily expenditures. Second, save half the money that you gain a day. Third, when you buy something you must to think, about that %22did you really need this?%22 (when, must to think, did)

7. There are a few mistakes in the two tiny paragraphs above. Correct the mistakes are listed below the paragraphs.