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Week 7 Period 2, Review Test 11, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. She knows she%27s wrong, but she%27s too _____ to admit it.  
A) sensitive
B) stubborn
C) annoyed
D) content

2.  He received much financial help from _____ friends who knew that he had broken recently.
A) delightful
B) sympathetic
C) desperate
D) depressed

3.  She%27s very _____ and shy when meeting strangers.
A) timid
B) confident
C) disappointed
D) dreadful

4. She is very _____ about her appearance. She believes that beauty is the passport to success.
A) vein
B) enjoyable
C) furious
D) vain

5.  We searched in _____ for the missing earring. It is somewhere in the house. We just didn%27t find it after hours of searching.
A) enjoyment
B) vain
C) disgust
D) enthusiasm

6. We experienced a few _____ moments as we waited to hear the results of the test. We were all afraid that we might fail.
A) furious
B) dreadful
C) anxious
D) lively

7. The delicious smell from the kitchen _____ Tara%27s appetite.
A) aroused
B) lightened
C) refreshed
D) longed

8. Children aren%27t allowed to watch movies with bloody, violent _____.
A) enjoyment
B) mood
C) rage
D) content

9.  Peter felt _____ for a couple of weeks after his girlfriend dumped him.
A) delighted
B) delighting
C) depressing
D) depressed

10. They had been travelling all night long. They were worn out and _____ for sleep. All they wanted is but a soft bed.
A) anxious
B) disappointed
C) desperate
D) impatient

11. She may join us later. It depends on what kind of _____ she%27s in.
A) content
B) mood
C) depression
D) enthusiasm

12. Mr. Yu loves bilogy and he%27s a very _____ teacher. His class is always full of excitement and passion.
A) enthusiastic
B) realistic
C) pessimistic
D) sympathetic

13. Gina shook with %22No! No!%22 to the unknon medicine. She was _____ to take the medicine until the doctor assured her that it was safe.
A) enjoyable
B) sensible
C) furious
D) reluctant

14. A person who travels in a spacecraft into outer space to do scientific experiments is called an _____.
A) astronaut
B) pilot
C) captain
D) conductor

15. A basic knowledge of computer and Internet is _____ for those students who want to take this course, eCommerce, .
A) wicked
B) required
C) contented
D) frowned

16. He was offered a teaching job and decided to return to _____ life. 
A) enthusiastic
B) academic
C) sympathetic
D) sensitive

17. You have to have a lot of self-_____ if you%27re going to go on a strict diet.
A) disgust
B) enjoyment
C) discipline
D) dread

18. We%27ve got _____ from several charities to donate food and clothing.
A) enjoyment
B) commitments
C) suspicion
D) temper

19. Eventually, Eric got used to the _____ sound of traffic outside his window.
A) hopeful
B) miserable
C) sensible
D) constant

20. The bus broke down on the highway. The passengers were _____ to another bus.
A) pined
B) grinned
C) transferred
D) refreshed