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Week 7 Period 1, Review Test 10, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. I%27d like to express my _____ to my wife for all her love and support.
A) sorrow
B) gratitude
C) terror
D) reaction

2. Although Benjie and Max weren%27t friends, they weren%27t enemies either. They didn%27t dislike each other to such an extent that there was _____ between them.
A) hatred
B) tremble
C) heartbreak
D) misery

3. The soldiers told jokes to help each other cope with the _____ of war.
A) hatred
B) misery
C) frustration
D) pity

4. The passengers _____ when the plane took a sudden dive.
A) yawned
B) pitied
C) reacted
D) panicked

5. The shopkeeper took _____ on the beggar and gave him a chicken sandwich.
A) excitement
B) terror
C) pity
D) grief

6. Carla didn%27t know how to _____ when she found out she was fired. She couldn%27t believe it.
A) sob
B) react
C) shrug
D) scream

7. His immediate _____ was one of shock when I told him what happened.
A) weep
B) pity
C) reaction
D) hatred

8. Big dogs _____ me. I am extremely afraid of them.
A) frustrate
B) yell
C) scream
D) terrify

9. It was so cold in the room that Vicky%27s hands began to _____.
A) shrug
B) sob
C) yawn
D) tremble

10. Tyler is usually quiet, but he can be very _____ if he really wants something. He%27ll use every possible methods to get what he wants.
A) pessimistic
B) aggressive
C) impressive
D) reactive

11. The _____ waiter spilled wine on customers and broke several plates before he was fired.
A) clumsy
B) shameful
C) grateful
D) sighed

12. Ben is a very _____ cook. His cooking is like nothing I%27ve ever tasted before.
A) thankful
B) panicked
C) original
D) calculating

13. Jim has a _____ personality. It%27s easier for him to take orders than to act as a leader.
A) charming
B) passive
C) bold
D) aggressive

14. Our coach is a _____ guy, and he won%27t tolerate any crybabies.
A) bold
B) tough
C) agreeable
D) clumsy

15. I%27m _____ about our chances of winning. I don%27t think we%27ll win.
A) sympathetic
B) opimistic
C) optimistic
D) pessimistic