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Week 7 Period 1, English Definitions, Set 2, Word Power Intermed

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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0. reluctant
1. depressed
2. enthusiastic
3. commitment
4. sympathy
5. timid
6. desperate
7. discipline
8. stubborn
9. content
10. academic
11. transfer
12. arouse
13. requirement
14. sensitive
15. sympathetic

0. having a strong need for something
1. to cause a mental state
2. relating to schools and education
3. showing a lack of courage or confidence
4. too proud of your own looks
5. an activity that is done regularly as a way of self-training
6. a person who travels in a spacecraft into outer space
7. the feeling you care about someone else%27s trouble
8. easily afftected by something in a way that is not pleasant or good
9. happening very often over a period of time
10. something that is needed or must be done
11. showing strong excitement about something
12. the way someone feels
13. the ideas that are in a book, speech, movie, etc.
14. to change from one plane, bus, or train to another while traveling
15. refusing to change your ideas or to stop doing something