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Week 6 Period 2, Review Test 9, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. I don%27t have the _____ to wait in line for hours just to buy a ticket.
A) excitement
B) patience
C) panic
D) anxiety

2. “I%27m not a hero. I was just doing my job,” he said in his characteristically _____ way.
A) amazing
B) modest
C) envious
D) dull

3. She is a vegetarian. She finds the idea of eating meat totally _____.
A) disgusting
B) tolerant
C) dull
D) impressive

4. Tim became _____ towards the end of his speech. We could see tears in hs eyes.
A) realistic
B) anxious
C) emotional
D) frightening

5. The graduation ceremonty was rather _____. Many students in the back rows fell sleep.
A) amazing
B) tough
C) dull
D) ridiculous

6. After several doctos failed to cure her, May cried in _____, %22I%27ll never be cured!%22
A) excitement
B) wisdom
C) shortcoming
D) despair

7. Ivan is _____ of his parents because they always argue in public.
A) proud
B) cherished
C) envious
D) ashamed

8. He felt _____ for his lies. He knew he had done something wrong by concealing the truth from his parents.
A) dull
B) emotional
C) impressive
D) shame

9. Nicole _____ when Charles told her how pretty she was.
A) exclaimed
B) tolerated
C) blushed
D) endured

10. The thought of speaking in font of a large crowd fills me with _____. I%27ll be too nervous to remember what I am going to say.
A) anxiety
B) modesty
C) generosity
D) curiosity

11. His neighbors were _____ of his winning the lottery. %22Why he did! Why?%22 They could have been the luck one.
A) impressive
B) envious
C) ashamed
D) kind

12. It really _____ Jim when his computer broke down for no apparent reason. Now he had to do the typing all over again.
A) bored
B) ashamed
C) frustrated
D) disgusting

13. The police officers were _____ to find out that the thief was only eight years old.
A) astonished
B) despair
C) envious
D) emotional

14. Dave is ______ of his wife%27s cats, but he hoeps that she doesn’t bring any more home.
A) envious
B) ashamed
C) cherishing
D) tolerant

15. Elaine makes fun of other people%27s ______, but she never recognizes her own. Actually, the weakness in her character is lack of sympathy.
A) personality
B) wisdom
C) shortcomings
D) anxiety

16. Some toy guns look so _____ that they can confuse the police. That%27s dangerous.
A) realistic
B) impressive
C) modest
D) cunning

17. He%27s always daydreaming and seems to be out of touch with the _____ world.
A) curious
B) ideal
C) realistic
D) real