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Week 6 Period 2, Article 9

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. Scan the passage above and write down the word you are not familiar with.

2. Getting Along Well with Others October 26 ~ 31, 2009東山高中劉耕豪 Getting along well with others plays a key part in building a happy society since we have to interact with others almost every day. If we do not know how to get along with others, we will encounter many problems. For example, ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. So, how can we get along better with others? We should start by being polite, kind and helpful. We should also try to make people feel better, such as by saying %22please,%22 %22sorry%22 or %22thank you.%22 When someone commits an error, we should not find fault with him - we can choose to forgive him instead.

3. Think of at least two problems people may have when they don%27t get along with others.

4. Translation: 雖然 Lily 生來又聾又瞎,但她從不氣餒。她的故事證明了,我們只要努力必能成功。

5. Translation the Chinese above into grammatical English.