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Week 6 Period 1, Review Test 8, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. The president has good _____; he knows when to act and when not to act.
A) attitude
B) judgment
C) taste
D) confidence

2. Johnny remained financially _____ on his parents even as an adult. Honestly, he should find a job and live on his own
A) independent
B) dependent
C) independence
D) dependence

3. She is a woman of _____ means. She has enough money to support herself without help from others.
A) independent
B) dependent
C) independence
D) dependence

4. Her ambition is to achieve financial _____. She will earn all the money she needs and won%27t be depend on money given by anyone else.
A) independent
B) dependent
C) independence
D) dependence

5. He has an _____ vocabulary for a 10-year-old. He knows more than three thousand words and can read comic books with laughter.
A) characteristic
B) generous
C) curious
D) impressive

6. The driver kept asking us to remind him of the next turn. He gave us the _____ that didn’t know the city at all.
A) curiosity
B) impression
C) consideration
D) determination

7. I was _____ that you could play the violin so well. Where did you learn from whom? Or you were happened to be a genius, weren’t you?
A) boasted
B) endured
C) impressed
D) admired

8. Summer is the _____ season for a vacation to the beach.
A) ideal
B) noble
C) modest
D) impressive

9. She has always been very _____ to the poor. She donates one fifth of her earnings to them through charities every month.
A) proud
B) generous
C) dignified
D) courageous

10. The sick bears received medical attention thanks to the _____ of the Love Bear Fund.
A) curiosity
B) bravery
C) generosity
D) endurance

11. Ryan’s cut was deep. I don’t know how he _____ the pain without crying.
A) coped
B) impressed
C) determined
D) endured

12. The old man demanded to leave the hospital. He wanted to die with _____.
A) dignity
B) modesty
C) independence
D) patience

13. Aaron is _____ to be the best pianist in Taiwan. He practices the piano every day.
A) impressed
B) boasted
C) aged
D) determined

14. He believes that one%27s personality is _____ mostly by genetics. One has no choice but inherits the genes from one’s parents, or even parents’ parents.
A) impressed
B) boasted
C) aged
D) determined

15. When the other team laughed at Cynthia, it only strengthened her _____ to win.
A) determination
B) consideration
C) maturity
D) dignity

16. This book is a general introduction for common readers. For _____ ones who are interested in the topics discussed, they can find more information in the back of the book.
A) elderly
B) admirable
C) curious
D) brave

17. He went into the store out of _____, because he was eager to see what was in the store.
A) bravey
B) confidence
C) curiostiy
D) responsibility

18. That _____ young man got a job in the company by pretending to be the president’s nephew.
A) brave
B) attitude
C) generous
D) cunning

19. It was very _____ of him to ask us if we needed any help.
A) courteous
B) honorable
C) determined
D) courageous

20. It takes _____ to stand up for your right. Most people are afraid of doing what they believe is right.
A) courage
B) age
C) generosity
D) impression

21. That student was _____ enough. He spoke out and told and the crowd that he disagreed with them.
A) bony
B) attractive
C) courageous
D) coward

22. Diana dropped out of school because she couldn’t _____ with all the stress of student life.
A) grap
B) cope
C) determine
D) judge

23. Take other people into _____ and turn off your cell phones while in the theater.
A) impression
B) decision
C) dignity
D) consideration