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Week 6 Period 1, Article 8

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. Scan the passage above and pick out the words with which you%27re not familiar.

2. The thing That I Want to to Invent May2~8, 2010 師大附中李秉昇 There are a large number of daily chores that annoy people, yet these daily chores often become sources of inspiration for many great inventors. I also dream of becoming an innovative inventor in the future, and the thing that I always want to create is ________________. I think _______________ should have the following features. First, _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Secondly, _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Finally ,________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. I hope that when this _________________ comes out, you will like my invention and its special features!

3. Think of a thing that you want to invent and come up with 2 or 3 features of it.

4. 人類對外太空所知非常有限,但長久以來我們對它卻很感興趣。太空科技的快速發展,使我們得以探索它的奧秘。

5. Translate the two Chinese sentences into grammatical English ones.