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Week 6 Diversity in the Regular Classroom Quiz

Author: Smith Nicole
Description: You have 20 seconds to answer the questions correctly.
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1. Exit points happen at two points. Select at least one that is the correct point.
A) When some students have not mastered content and others have
B) When some students benefit from advanced tasks
C) When all studnets are on the same level
D) when all studnets have not mastered a skill the content

2. All of the following are ways of grouping studnets except which one?
A) Tracking grouping
B) Aptitude grouping
C) cooperative grouping
D) Fixed grouping

3. All of the following are ways to manage flexible grouping except which one?
A) Give directions once, and never repeat directions again.
B) Establish behavior guidelines for flexible group time
C) Communicate expectations for using time effectively.
D) Include a checklist to act as your anecdotal record.

4. All are ways to tier assignments except which one?
A) by outcome
B) by resources
C) by product
D) by simplicity

5. Which one of the Management Procedures for Pathways plans is incorrect?
A) Create problems for students to work around
B) Make sure studnets know that they are not responsible for their work
C) Use file folders to organize.
D) A and B

6. Which of the following is NOT a method for calling on studnets for answers during a classroom discussion?
A) %22Bag of Names%22
B) %22Priming%22
C) %22New Voices%22
D) %22Volunteers%22

7. If the class is working in cooperative groups, all students should be requried to remain working in their groups even if they appear to be struggling in the group setting
A) True
B) False
C) Both
D) Neither

8. In order to manage the noise levels in the classroom which of the follwing is a good practice?
A) The goal in a flexible classroom is %22productive noise%22
B) Students should not be talking unless they are spoken to
C) A flexible classroom allows studnet sto share ideas
D) Noise in the classroom is an indicator of students learning.

9. Which of the following is NOT an effective method for helping studnets receive assistance when needed?
A) Question sign
B) Mini-Workshops
C) Black and white Cups
D) Expert of the Day

10. When students work on anchor activities after finishing an assignment, they should always recieve a grade
A) True
B) False
C) Both
D) Neither