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Week 5 Period 2, English Definitions, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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0. impress
1. generosity
2. curiosity
3. determine
4. cope
5. curious
6. consideration
7. dependent
8. independent
9. courage
10. cunning
11. courageous
12. determination
13. judgment
14. judge
15. courteous

0. the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish
1. very polite in a way that shows respect
2. not relying on other people for help or support
3. needing someone else for support, help, etc.
4. very brave
5. freely giving or sharing money and other valuable things
6. getting what is wanted in a clever and often deceptive way
7. the desire to know more about something or smeone
8. the quality of being worthy of honor or respect
9. to officially decide something especially because of facts
10. having a desire to know more about something or someone
11. deserving attention, admiration, or respect
12. to do something with a strong will and allow nobody to stop you
13. to deal with problems and try to come up with solutions
14. careful thought
15. exactly right for a particular purpose; perfect