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Week 5 Period 2, Article 7

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. Dear Mr. Principal, I’m writing to you because I think things need to change at our school. More pressure needs to be put on students. We need to work hard if we want to have promising futures. I see teachers constantly giving students permission to leave the classroom during class. Students hang out in the hallways and waste time. This shows a complete lack of discipline in our school. Students should stay in class to learn, and leave only if it is necessary. If students are caught out in the hall, they should be suspended from school for a few days. Suspension might be a tough punishment, but it will let kids know that this is a place for learning and not for wasting time. Regards, Cindy Chen

2. Scan the two mails above. Pick out some words you can’t remember or don’t know, and write them down.

3. Ways to Relieve Stress 紓壓之道 20090125~20090207師大附中馬晴薇 Do you often feel nervous because of great stress? If your answer is yes, try these tips and you will feel better. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Apply the above-mentioned ideas to your day-today life, and everything will be all right.

4. Think of ways of feeling better under pressure. Write them down and check the grammar.

5. 一般人都知道閱讀對孩子有益。老師應多鼓勵學生到圖書館借書。

6. Translate the two Chinese sentences above into English. Remember to check the grammar of your English translation.