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Week 5 Period 1, Review Test 7, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. This medicine won’t cure your back pains, but it will make them more _____.
A) tolerate
B) tolerable
C) toleration
D) tolerated

2. We couldn’t see the other side of the street because the train was blocking our _____.
A) characteristics
B) vision
C) maturity
D) vividness

3. Sandy sometimes had dreams that were so _____ that she thought they had happened after she woke up.
A) visual
B) mature
C) vivid
D) admirable

4. Mark is very _____ for a 13-year-old. He seemed to be beyond his years and acted like an adult.
A) tolerable
B) visual
C) mature
D) patient

5. Ada showed her _____ by shaking hands with her opponent even though she lost the games.
A) boast
B) bravery
C) characteristics
D) maturity

6. My son is shorter than his _____. New students at his school think that he’s skipped a grade.
A) peers
B) pressure
C) confidants
D) cowards

7. His father put _____ on him to become a doctor. Actually, he wanted to be a pilot.
A) pressure
B) peers
C) confidence
D) maturity

8. Chris _____ his hair gray. Now he looks like an older man with a young face.
A) cut
B) dyed
C) grapped
D) wreathe

9. The _____ on Michael’s forehead make him look old and wise.
A) maturity
B) wrinkles
C) confidence
D) grown-ups

10. A child _____ her father for the knowledge he knew about the world.
A) tickled
B) stared
C) admired
D) peeped

11. Mr. Chen’s attempt to climb the mountains alone is quite _____.
A) shortsighted
B) vivid
C) peculiar
D) admirable

12. Yvone _____ that she had won first place three times in a row. Her friends didn%27t believe her anyway.
A) boasted
B) gazed
C) observed
D) passed

13. They warmly praised the _____ of the rescue workers.
A) bravery
B) characteristics
C) boast
D) admiration

14. One of Paul’s less splendid _____ is jealousy. He is always jealous of his rich friends.
A) characteristics
B) admiration
C) bravery
D) confidence

15. Coach says that you can do it. Have _____ in yourself.
A) vision
B) confidence
C) glance
D) glimpse

16. We have to be _____ of other people since we’re now working together as a team.
A) generous
B) keen
C) considerate
D) invisible

17. People who are _____ impaired should be treated with respect. The fact that they can’t see doesn’t mean they are inferior to those who can see.
A) visual
B) visually
C) visible
D) visibly

18. The teacher decided to give Lucy extra points just because she had a positive _____. She was hardworking and highly motivated in spite of good grades.
A) attitude
B) sign
C) observation
D) eyesight