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Week 5 Period 1, Article 6

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. Scan for the words you don’t know or remember well. Pick them out and type them down below.

2. Teenagers’ Problems 19~25April2009 師大附中高二1198班蔡騰緯 Today, ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. All these problems shouldn’t be ignored. Many studies show that juvenile delinquencies often result from their schoolwork pressure or alienation from their family and society. Therefore, parents should devote more time to their children and express their care appropriately. Also they shouldn’t put their children under great pressure to perform at school. Last but not least, teenagers themselves ought to cultivate some good habits, such as reading and exercising. By following these tips, teenagers’ problems can be reduced and our society will be more harmonious.

3. What are some of the problems teenagers in Taiwan face today? Write at least two problems teenagers may have on the way to their adulthoods.

4. 聽音樂是一個你可以終身享受的嗜好。但能彈奏樂器可以為你帶來更多的喜悅。

5. Translate the two Chinese sentences into English. Use Google Translate for help and don%27t forget to check for any mistakes in the grammar of the Google translations.