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Week 39, Unit1, Grade2, EVTC, 4/4

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. I took some over-the-counter # for my headache. (DEFINITION: a drug used to remove pain that you feel in your body.)
A) painkiller

2. We follow a winding # through the woods. (DEFINITION: a way or track laid down for walking)
A) path

3. I spilled the juice while I was # it. (DEFINITION: to cause something to flow into a container.)
A) pouring

4. My father was # on a farm. (DEFINITION: to take care of and teach a child)
A) raised

5. I wish he%27d spend less time with his friends and more time with me. Am I being # ? (DEFINITION: having or showing concern only for yourself and not for the feelings of other people.)
A) selfish

6. I spend a lot of my time # at a computer screen. (DEFINITION: to look at someone or something for a long time, often with eyes wide open.)
A) staring

7. Be careful. The # from the boiling pot is extremely hot. (DEFINITION: the hot gas that is created when water is boiled)
A) steam

8. There is a # chance of rain. (DEFINITION: very small in degree or amount)
A) slight

9. He slammed the door and left in a # . (DEFINITION: a state of being angry.)
A) temper

10. Her # told me she was just playing a joke. (DEFINITION: an act of closing and opening one eye quickly as a way of giving a secret signal to someone)
A) wink