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Week 38, Unit1, Grade2, EVTC, 3/4

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. We wish her a safe and pleasant # . (DEFINITION: act of traveling from one place to another.)
A) journey

2. Her parents were far more # toward sex than mine. (DEFINITION: respecting and allowing many different types of beliefs or behaviors.)
A) liberal

3. After eating so much I had to # my belt. (DEFINITION: to make something less tight or firm.)
A) loosen

4. His parents didn%27t think he was # enough to live on his own. (DEFINITION: having or showing the mental and emotional qualities of an adult)
A) mature

5. Don%27t be # by his friendly appearance--he%27s a ruthless competitor. (DEFINITION: to cause someone to believe something that is not true.)
A) misled

6. Fishermen were # their nets. (DEFINITION: to repair something broken or damaged)
A) mending

7. His followers believe they are fighting for a # case. (DEFINITION: moral in an honest, brave and not selfish way)
A) noble

8. After 30 years, I am finally returning to my # land. (DEFINITION: used to refer to the place where a person was born and raised.)
A) native

9. Her novels are # for their complex characters and interesting plots. (DEFINITION: extremely good or excellent.)
A) outstanding

10. This drug should not be # to children. (DEFINITION: to officially tell someone to use medicine as a treatment.)
A) prescribed