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Week 37, Unit1, Grade2, EVTC, 2/4

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. He # out the window at the snow. (DEFINITION: to look at someone or something in a steady way and usually for a long time.)
A) gazed

2. He%27s # for success. (DEFINITION: wanting a lot more food, money, etc. than you need.)
A) greedy

3. He # as he read the instructions, as if puzzled. (DEFINITION: to bring your eyebrows together so that there are lines on your face about your eyes to show that you are annoyed or worried.)
A) frowned

4. I never thought you%27d be # enough to believe in him. (DEFINITION: showing a lack of good sense of judgment.)
A) foolish

5. I would like some # advice before I buy this house. (DEFINITION: relating to money or how money is managed.)
A) financial

6. We had # eggs and ham for breakfast.(DEFINITION: : to cook food in fat or oil.)
A) fried

7. I took a # at the newspaper this morning. (DEFINITION: a quick look.)
A) glance

8. I didn%27t want to go but she #. So I had to go. (DEFINITION: to demand t that something happen or that someone do something.)
A) insisted

9. She twisted her hair into a bun and # it with booby pins. (DEFINITION: to put something in a position in such a way that it will not move.)
A) fastened

10. The disease # the body%27s ability to fight off illness. (DEFINITION: to cause something to end or no longer exist.)
A) destroys