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Week 19 Period 1, Review Test 18, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. I can%27t drive her car because it has a manual transmission instead of _____ transmission.
A) worn
B) air-conditioned
C) automatic
D) device

2. For people who want to go upstairs, please stand on the right side of the _____ and allow others to walk on the left side.
A) appliance
B) escalator
C) cement
D) construction

3. The bus has big soft chairs, so that passengers can travel in _____.
A) comfort
B) facility
C) escalator
D) luxurious

4. The boss wants to _____ the new office with fancy new chairs and desks.
A) furnish
B) construct
C) rebuild
D) adjust

5. Our hotel room was so _____ that we didn%27t want to go out and see the city.
A) drilling
B) bored
C) adjustable
D) luxurious

6. He spent a fortune on expensive wines and other _____, such as designer clothes, brand watches, and even private jets. 
A) marbles
B) cranes
C) luxuries
D) steel

7. After a long day of manual labor in the hot sun, Phil was _____.
A) ridden out
B) worn out
C) cut out
D) kept out

8. Aunt Kathy replaced the _____ carpet with a new one.
A) colorful
B) worn
C) copper
D) aluminum

9. This temple is an excellent example of classical Chinese _____.
A) architecture
B) geography
C) astronomy
D) archeology

10. Somebody wrote this name on the sidewalk before the _____ dried.
A) dust
B) cupboard
C) cement
D) cushion

11. _____ workers wear helmets to protect their heads from injury.
A) Lavatory
B) Construction
C) Vacuum
D) Automatic

12. Of all our kitchen _____, the microwave is used the most.
A) appliances
B) elevators
C) corridors
D) palaces

13. Joey connected the mouth, the keyboard and a couple of other _____ to the computer.
A) appliances
B) luxuries
C) quilts
D) devices

14. The police are _____ with the tools and weapons they need to maintain public order.
A) worn
B) plished
C) equipped
D) adjusted

15. The government spends a lot of money building public _____ like schools and parks.
A) stools
B) facilities
C) skycrapers
D) lobbies