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Week 19 Period 1, English Definitions, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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0. electricity
1. hardware
2. torch
3. connect
4. instruction
5. function
6. switch
7. wire
8. manual
9. install
10. kit
11. manual
12. portable
13. mechanical
14. electrical
15. gear

0. to join two things or places together
1. able to to be carried or move around
2. the clothes and equipment used for a particular purpose
3. a small object that you push to turn something on or off
4. things, such as tools, that are made of metal
5. a long thin piece of metal thread that carries electricity
6. to depend on someone or something
7. something that you have been told to do
8. of or relating to electricity
9. a book that tells you how to use something or do something
10. a long stick with material that burns and is tied to the top of it
11. a form of energy that can produce light and heat
12. operating through the use of microchips and transistors
13. the purpose of something or someone
14. to make a machine ready to be used in a certain place
15. relating to or operate by machines