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Week 11 Period 1, Review Test 17, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. A mother gives a baby a milk bottle. She was _____ and stopped crying.
A) satisfying
B) satisfied
C) reasonable
D) babysitting

2. They have 31 flavours of ice-cream--enough to _____ everyone!
A) inherit
B) recommend
C) satisfy
D) stock

3. She had great _____ out of helping other people.
A) option
B) guarantee
C) satisfaction
D) dissatisfaction

4. Comfy Furniture carries a wide _____ of furniture for home or office at low prices. Customers can find various furniture.
A) label
B) selection
C) receipt
D) satisfaction

5. Whatever book you%27re looking for, that bookstore probably has it in _____.
A) sack
B) selection
C) stock
D) grocery

6. Our coffee tastes super because we only use coffee beans of _____ quality for making coffee.
A) stock
B) unknown
C) inferior
D) superior

7. You could make a chart showing how your leisure time is divided between doing _____ chores, watching TV, going out with friends, going shopping, and so on.
A) well-known
B) dependent
C) domestic
D) identical

8. After the death of her parents, her uncle was appointed as her illegal _____
A) guarantee
B) babysitter
C) twin
D) guardian

9. Traditional Chinese _____ clean their homes before the arrival of the New Year.
A) households
B) domestic
C) orphanage
D) ancestor

10. Ryan and Bryan are _____ twins, and most people can%27t tell one from another.
A) reasonable
B) identical
C) satisfactory
D) second-hand

11. After the death of his parents, he was raised in an _____.
A) household
B) affection
C) orphanage
D) ancestor

12. There are _____ restrooms for men and women.
A) dependent
B) identical
C) related
D) separate

13. An apartment building caught fire. Fortunately, none of the _____ were harmed.
A) guardians
B) orphans
C) babysitters
D) residents

14. After several years of _____, Diana and Daryl decided to go ahead and get a divorce.
A) separation
B) relationship
C) affection
D) satisfaction

15. Some students are still searching for cheap _____ that isn%27t too far from campus.
A) household
B) housing
C) domestic
D) selection

16. They haven%27t paid their rent for three months, so the _____ is going to kick them out.
A) tenant
B) resident
C) landlord
D) shopkeeper

17. The majority of _____ in this apartment building, being students, oppose a raise in rent.
A) twins
B) landlords
C) households
D) tenants

18. If you want to take care of five cats, you%27ll need a _____ cleaner to clean up all the cat hair.
A) messy
B) vacuum
C) separate
D) chore

19. In the distance, we could see a group of factories with smoke coming out of the _____.
A) drains
B) fireplaces
C) chimneys
D) cabins

20. Taipei 101 is among one of the tallest _____ in the world.
A) cottages
B) brooms
C) mansions
D) skyscrapers

21. The patient has to be transferred to a large hospical because of no _____ beds in the local hospital.
A) vacant
B) orderly
C) neat
D) messy