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Week 11 Period 1, English Definitions, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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0. appliance
1. drain
2. rebuild
3. architecture
4. luxury
5. cement
6. luxurious
7. adjust
8. furnish
9. comfort
10. equip
11. automatic
12. facility
13. escalator
14. device
15. elevator

0. a machine that is powered by electricity and used at home
1. a machine for carrying people to different levels in a building
2. something that is expensive and not necessary
3. to change something slightly so that it works better
4. the buildings or services provided for a specific purpose
5. a pipe that is used for removing water from a sink
6. to provide a room with furniture
7. to provide someone with necessary supplies
8. an object that has been made for some special purpose
9. the process of building something, such as a house
10. being able to operate independently of human control
11. to become thinner, weaker, or no longer useful
12. very comfortable and expensive
13. a relaxed state in which you don%27t have unpleasant feelings
14. a building material in the shape of soft gray power
15. exhausted or very tired