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Week 10 Period 2, Review Test 16, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. Andy uses a lot of Chinese _____ when he speaks. He sounds like a learned scholar.
A) phrases
B) idioms
C) nouns
D) summaries

2. She speaks English, but it isn%27t her _____ language. Her mother tongue is Mandarin Chinese.
A) radical
B) singular
C) native
D) brilliant

3. She used “moon” as a _____ for “June.”
A) slang
B) usage
C) rhyme
D) consonant

4. He has two left feet. He can%27t dance at the correct speed to stay with the _____ of the music. 
A) substitute
B) rhythm
C) outline
D) lead

5. People _____ lots off food and alcohol during Chinese New Year.
A) browse
B) discount
C) consume
D) display

6. Hilary is a careful _____. She always reads the labels before she buys anything.
A) lecturer
B) cashier
C) counter
D) consumer

7. The clever thieves stole the famous painting and replaced with a _____.
A) checkout
B) faulty
C) bargain
D) fake

8. The car had to be sent back to the factory because of its _____ seat belts.
A) faulty
B) fake
C) brand
D) feature

9. Although the dresses looked pretty, the material was of _____ quality. That%27s why they are cheap.
A) superior
B) inferior
C) feature
D) guarantee

10. The art show was a chance for student artists to put their work on _____.
A) feature
B) sale
C) option
D) display

11. A major _____ of this course is a project which enables students working in teams to draw together their knowledge, skills and experience.
A) feature
B) guarantee
C) label
D) pirate

12. They _____ that the diamonds they sell are of top quality. 
A) satisfy
B) consume
C) guarantee
D) display

13. According to Stacy, the stock of that company is selling at a _____ price.
A) inferior
B) label
C) checkout
D) reasonable

14. Kevin is an only child and his parents give him lots of love and _____.
A) affection
B) feature
C) boycott
D) display

15. Some people burned ghost money outsides for their _____.
A) pirates
B) ancestors
C) receipts
D) consumers

16. The _____ says that this drink contains three point eight grams of protein.
A) fake
B) selection
C) label
D) feature

17. Before the movie came out on the big screen, there were _____ copies available on DVD.
A) faulty
B) grocery
C) dissatisfaction
D) pirate