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Week 10 Period 2, English Definitions, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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0. chimney
1. identical
2. satisfied
3. separate
4. tenant
5. selection
6. vacuum
7. satisfaction
8. resident
9. domestic
10. messy
11. separation
12. stock
13. guardian
14. landlord
15. satisfy

0. a place where children whose parents have died are cared for
1. someone who rents a house from a landlord or landlady
2. a part of building through which smoke rises into the air outsides
3. not filled, used, or lived in
4. placed or kept apart
5. having a happy or pleased feeling
6. the houses, apartments, etc., in which people live
7. someone who takes care of another person
8. the act of separating people or things
9. the supply of goods available for sale in a store
10. relating to someone%27s home or family
11. a very tall building in a city
12. not clean or tidy
13. to cause someone to be happy or pleased
14. high or higher in quality
15. the act of choosing something from a group