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Week 10 Period 2, Article 15

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. Scan the passage above and pick out the words with which you aren%27t familiar.

2. Learning Kendo 學劍道 20081123~20081129台南女中薛岱恩Diane I made up my mind to join the kendo club when I was in the first grade of senior high school. I chose kendo because I thought it was cool and not difficult to learn. However, after my first course in the gym, I found out that I was wrong. In fact, kendo was exhausting. When I fought against my rivals, I almost ran out of breath. In order to improve my skills, I spent a lot of time practicing kendo. I had to get used to the constant muscle aches from playing this unique sport. As far as I am concerned, kendo is indeed the most difficult thing to learn.

3. Frist, Skim the passage above. Then, write one thing, be it sports or school subjects, about which you first think it easy. Actually, after you have tried and learned, you change your mind about it and consider it difficult.

4. Translation: 儘管課業壓力沉重,但是過去兩年來我過得很快樂。我從設計良好的課程和多彩多姿的課外活動中獲益良多。

5. Translation the above into grammatical English.

6. Grammar Correction 5 I will sleep late to cause late to school next day. And I can not keep my focus on class. (sleep late to cause late to school, can not)

7. Correct the mistakes in grammar.