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Week 10 Period 1, Review Test 15, Word Power Intermediate

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. Mulan (木蘭) was a Chinese girl who _____ herself as a man and joined the army.
A) disguised
B) clothed
C) knitted
D) protected

2. The spy carried several different passports, and he always traveled in _____.
A) overalls
B) disguise
C) robe
D) overcoat

3. My neighbors hand their _____ out to dry on the balcony, but I have a dryer.
A) waterproof
B) laundry
C) detergent
D) raincoat

4. The _____ bond is typically the relationship between a mother and her child. It typically occurs due to pregnancy and childbirth.
A) faternal
B) domestic
C) maternal
D) sticky

5. He was caught drunken driving and charged with _____ breath test.
A) destroying
B) loosening
C) resisting
D) confusing

6. After making the sweet rolls, Toby%27s hands were _____ with honey.
A) elastic
B) extensive
C) loose
D) sticky

7. You can us our new _____ camera up to a hundred meters under water!
A) extensive
B) gigantic
C) shrink
D) waterproof

8. The shelte was built on a _____ of solid rock.
A) foundation
B) extent
C) expansion
D) brand

9. Before putting on your makeup, apply a light layer of _____ that matches your skin tone.
A) depth
B) foundation
C) label
D) jewel

10. Contact _____ require a lot of care as they are in direct contact with our eyes.
A) lipstick
B) lenses
C) foundation
D) makeup

11. The island has more _____ in plant life than other islands nearby. 
A) enlargement
B) extension
C) diversity
D) depth

12. This dinosaur sculpture is gigantic with its _____ tail of 50 feet in length.
A) loose
B) enormous
C) extensive
D) elastic

13. The business kept _____ until one day it was the biggest shoe company in Taiwan.
A) extending
B) shrinking
C) enlarging
D) expanding

14. The Great Wall of China _____ about 6,700 kilometers from east to west.
A) extends
B) expands
C) loosens
D) tightens

15. The typhoon caused _____ damage; knocking down trees and and flooding almost all houses of the village.
A) impressive
B) protective
C) extensive
D) explosive

16. To a certain _____, teachers are responsible for the behavior of their students.
A) expand
B) content
C) extend
D) extent

17. This pair of shoes is too big for me. I have to wear thick socks or else my shoes will feel _____.
A) loose
B) tight
C) casual
D) bare

18. I recommend that you buy a bigger size because these pants will _____ in the dryer.
A) transform
B) shrink
C) extend
D) expand

19. The dress was so _____ that Felicia could hardly breathe in it.
A) loose
B) tight
C) transformative
D) enormous

20. The company spends a lot of money on advertising to develop _____ loyalty. It does all its efforts to make its product a household name.
A) baggy
B) reflection
C) brand
D) boot

21. We don%27t have red sofas in _____, but we can order one for you if it%27s in our catalog.
A) stick
B) shadow
C) steak
D) stock

22. %22All cars%22 is a very broad _____ but if you say you have a yellow Volkswagon beetle I have a clear picture of the kind of car you have.
A) category
B) catalog
C) stocking
D) foundation