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Week 10 Period 1, Article 14

Author: Hsu Yuanbin
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1. Scan the conversation above and pick out the words with which you aren%27t familiar.

2. Make a habit of reading 20081228~20090103金陵女中葉律君Rebecca Living in the information era, _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Reading material is unlimited; there are countless kinds of books in bookstores and even on the Internet. If you choose a novel to read, you can relax and use your imagination. A financial magazine could give you information on the latest market trends. Even short essays provide some inspiration. As the saying goes, “real wealth is the wealth of the mind.” Reading is one of the best ways to make our minds wealthy. Why not enjoy the benefits of reading and become a truly wealthy person?

3. Suggest at least two reasons why we should make a habit of reading.

4. Translation: 只有當遭逢困境時,我們才了解朋友的可貴。結交新朋友的秘訣在於友善的微笑。

5. Translation the above into grammatical English.

6. Grammar Correction 4 I prefer summer to winter because the winter is too cold to go out. But in summer,it%27s has many sunshine outside that make me feel more comfortable. I have many summer plans.Like go to  travel to take many photos and go to the seaside with friends. (it%27s has many sunshine outside, sunshine outside that make me feel, like go to travel, like go to the seaside)

7. Correct the mistakes in grammar in the short paragraph above.