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Week 10 - Parts of a Spreadsheet (copy)

Author: Frazier Megan
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Crossword hints:
an arrangement of columns and rows, are horizontal sections - identified by a number, point at which a column and row insersect , cell in which you are currently working, file which contains one or more spreadsheets, is the location or the name of a cell, indicates the reference name or location for the active cell, displays the data entered into the cell, vertical sections, they are identified by a letter, texts and numbers not used in calculations , Short Cuts to Formuals, Math Equation/Statement that perform a calculation, an ESC key on his computer, He let the cop go with a warning, a hot knife with butter, Texas Ranger,

Crossword words:
Active Cell, Rows, Chuck Norris doesn%27t have , Spreadsheet, Formula Bar, Chuck Norris Can Cut, Chuck Norris was pulled over by a cop once, Address Box, Cells, , Labels, Workbook, Walker, Formulas, Functions, Cell Reference,