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Author: fab fabiola
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0. Medium
1. Frequency
2. Refraction
3. sound
4. Amplitude
5. compressional
6. Reflection
7. Wave
8. electromagnetic
9. Mechanical
10. light
11. rarefraction
12. Crest
13. trough
14. Compression
15. Wavelength

0. Type of wave that requires a medium to travel and transfer energy
1. repeating disturbance or movement that transfers energy through matter or
2. matter the waves travels through, solid, liquid, gas
3. frequency times wavelength
4. More dense or crowded region on a compressional wave
5. Less dense region of a compressional wave
6. High point on a transverse wave
7. Related to the amount of energy carried by a wave
8. Type of wave that travel and transfer energy in empty space
9. type of wave that can travel and transfer energy in empty space
10. Low point on a transverse wave
11. Distance between a point on a wave and nearest point just like it
12. Type of wave in which the matter in the medium moves back and forth parallel
13. Is the bending of a wave caused by a change in its speed as it moves i
14. is an example of an electromagnetic wave in empty spaces
15. Example of mechanical wave that moves at 340 m/s through air