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water pollution

Author: Goh cHARIS
Description: Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies(e.g. Lakes, rivers, oceans), very often by human activities. through this crossword, you will be able to learn more about the causes and effects of water pollution. By polluting our waters, it will mean less clean water for us to consume and use in our daily lives. As we all know, water is precious and is a limited resource, thus, it is our duty toreduce water pollution by simply not littering into water bodies. This way, we will also be conserving water, since less clean water is wasted. :D
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Crossword hints:
waters rich in mineral and organic nutrients promote a proliferation of plant life, especially algae, _____ washed from the soils to nearby water bodies causes water pollution, The removal of_____ from water bodies is both time consuming and costly., the result of accidents involving tankers into oceans, oil clumps on the _____ of seabirds and they cannot insulate, causing birds to freeze to death, Holiday makers may choose to cancel bookings on areas affected by water pollution(polluted beaches), thus affecting ____, Human-produced litter of items such as plastic bags can get aquatic animals caught and killed from _____., Improper disposal of industrial waste into water bodies by _____ causes water pollution, Chemicals contaminate water bodies and kill aquatic animals, affecting the _____, Drinking contaminated water may result in a negative impact on human health, causing _____ such as cholera and tyroid.,

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