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Vocabulary words definitions

Author: Cunningham Rebecca
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1. Something that happens without being planned
A) Attention
B) Award
C) Atlas
D) Accident

2. To have the same opinion
A) Award
B) Agree
C) Accident
D) Astronomy

3. The study of the moon, stars and other objects in space
A) Telescope
B) Microscope
C) Astronomy
D) Science

4. Book of maps
A) Atlas
B) Astronomy
C) Award
D) Agree

5. Careful thinking, looking or listening
A) Idea
B) Bright
C) Curious
D) Attention

6. Uncovered
A) Bare
B) Base
C) Bale
D) Back

7. Move up and down repeatedly
A) Rise
B) Fall
C) Bounce
D) Rubber

8. A job followed as a life%27s work
A) Work
B) Industry
C) Professional
D) Career

9. To tear down or destroy
A) Ruin
B) Demolish
C) Break
D) Explode