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Author: Gras Elisabet
Description: Match each word with its correspondent definition.
Keywords: English, jobs, definitions, vocabulary, occupation, , online teaching

0. champion
1. doctor
2. artist
3. pupil
4. teacher
5. ballerina
6. janitor
7. actor
8. diver
9. archer
10. president
11. inventor
12. baker
13. librarian
14. firefighter
15. magician

0. Someone who bakes food in the oven, like breads, cakes, etc.
1. The winner of a game or other competition.
2. A person who designs and creates new, useful things.
3. Someone who creates works of art.
4. Takes care of libraries and helps people find books.
5. Someone who performs magic tricks.
6. Someone who is an elected leader of a country or organ
7. Someone who shoots an arrow with a bow.
8. Someone who can help ypu when yuo are sick or hurt.
9. Someone who swims under the water.
10. Someone who looks after and cleans a building.
11. Someone who performs a role in a play or a movie.
12. A student, a person who is learning.
13. A person who helps you learn.
14. A woman who does ballet dancing.
15. A person who puts out fires and saves people%27s lives.